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Kansai Pharmaceutical Industries Association. (KPIA)

Address 2-4-6 Fushimi-machi Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0044 Japan
TEL 81-6-6231-9191 URL
Established in 1948

Kansai Pharmaceutical Industries Association (KPIA) was founded in 1948. KPIA is a local organization aiming at contributing to the realization of a “society of health and longevity” by making use of the strengths of Kansai, and through strengthening joint collaboration, mutual understanding, and enlightenment among various stakeholders including our members, and through the sound development of the pharmaceutical and related Industries.

Pharmaceutical marketing authorization holders, manufacturers, CRO/CMO and companies doing business related to them, whose headquarters are located mainly in Osaka/Kansai region, participate in KPIA. (307 member companies as of April 1, 2018)

KPIA promptly obtains and publicizes various related administration notices, etc., and holds a variety of lecture meetings and seminars about 50-60 times per year, constantly keeping in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a competent authority, and local administrative authorities which govern six prefectures including Osaka prefecture, in Kansai region.

1. Committee Activities
KPIA is developing proactive, lively activities to address some projects in each specialized field and is aiming at solutions in terms of the various issues and problems up to which the pharmaceutical industries now face.
Number of participating firms
・Pharmaceutical Laws and Regulations Committee: 130 firms
・Pharmaceutical Technology Committee: 64 firms
・GMP Committee: 101 firms
・International Business Committee 16 firms
・Ophthalmic Dosage Form Committee: 9 firms
・Intellectual Property Committee: 19 firms
・Drug Consulting Committee: 27 firms
・Pharmaceutical Safety Committee: 52 firms
・MR Education and Training Committee: 29 firms
・Clinical Trials Committee: 38 firms

2. Activities of Secretariat
(1) Information, such as administration notices, etc. providing service to member companies. In the 2017 fiscal year KPIA delivered information on law (4 cases), government ordinance (14), ministerial ordinance (53), notification (140), notice (455), clerical communication (172), and others (907), in a total of 1,745 cases, on the Internet every day 2 times a day. The information is computerized and has retrieval functions as database, and furthermore revision and elimination of the information, relevant information and keywords are added to the information so as to help pharmaceutical companies improve in-house business efficiency.

(2) Cooperation in and promotion of various projects in Kansai region KPIA cooperates in various projects related to pharmaceuticals in Kansai regions, especially working in cooperation in activities creating pharmaceuticals in the local area, especially National Strategy Zone, Osaka Bio Strategy, North Osaka Bio Cluster, Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster and Kansai Science City, etc. Also, KPIA holds “Industrial-academic forums to exchange opinions” concerning new seeds creating pharmaceuticals with universities, colleges, and research institutes in Kansai region.

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